The Simple Life


Life is funny sometimes. Moments when you think that you have figured everything out and then wham it takes you by complete surprise. Well today that happened.

For the past month, I have been taking a break from my ‘home’ in Melbourne, enjoying life and spending quality time with the pe0ple I love on the Central Coast, my hometown. While I was only meant to stay here until 9th January I found myself enticed by the presence of beautiful positive pe0ple, the incredible weather and the solitude to stay at little longer. And gee I am glad I did.

If being sick has taught me anything it is the art of gratitude for the small things in your life: family, friends and nature. In the past I was just so busy and caught up in the business of work and life that I forgot to take in what mattered most in my life. I undervalued time with the people I loved, I was always thinking about the future rather then the present and I was never content with what I had- I always wanted more. But when you hit rock bottom and lose yourself and almost everything that once matters, suddenly you find away to keep going and not to give up. My way was gratitude and the art of minimalism.

In an attempt to restore myself from ill health I found myself simplifying everything in my life. The over-achiever, over-complicated lifestyle I was living in the past obviously hadn’t served my mind or body, so it was time to take a new approach. Inspired by my ex-girlfriend and my natural survival instinct, I began to adopt a simpler lifestyle. I ditched my clutter, adopted routines and devised simple methods for each task. I got out in nature, condensed my wardrobe and decor and reduced my spending. I took more time out, eliminated stress and toxicity and attempted to reduce overthinking and my mental input. I literally stripped everything of complication. I worked with what I had and what I could do and embraced every little piece of life for the magic it was. Taking it back to basics was vital was to be the only hope of conserving my energy and restoring my health to full capacity.

This process happened gradually over time, initially by accident then slowly more consciously. Meditation, writing things down and structure helped with simplifying my thinking. Routine, decluttering and planning helped with simplifying my physical activity and life. Instead of being overwhelmed by my life and consumed by everything in it, I progressively found my energy levels improving and my zest for life returning. I was no longer the lifeless zombie I was when I first got sick.

I now find myself now carefully breaking down and putting to boxes every part of my life. Complicated things that once hurt my brain are carefully broken down and categorised into an area of my brain that is able to comprehend them in the most basic of ways, almost like a filtering system. People, thoughts, behaviours, events and tasks are all reduced from an ambiguous set of components to ones that can be carefully yet straight-forward interpretations. And what an incredible difference it has made.

My life and my limited energy have not only become so much more manageable because of this system but I am, more then ever, grateful for all the great things I have. I am able to embrace the present, without worrying about my past or future, embracing every quality little moment that makes up my life.

And the time here in my hometown has really emphasised that and the growth I have undergone in the process to get here. Great conversations, beautiful adventures in nature and valuable time with family and friends, all have demonstrated the huge shift that has happened within me and made me this fantastic minimalist and person I am today. And the learning doesn’t stop there.

There are always days like today where a conversation with someone or an insight into a different lifestyle begins to raise doubts within me. Days when I feel like I am restricting myself or living my life in a way that completely excludes me from my peers or others.

But despite these doubts I know deep down that I was made for bigger things. And as my cloudy thoughts become clearer and my physical energy grows greater I have no doubt my aversion from the typical life will benefit me greatly. Not only in my recovery but in the success of my business, meeting great new people and finding my soulmate.

This isn’t the life I had in mind for me. It is never what I imagined. But life is full of surprises and the universe has a funny way of putting you on the right track. And I wouldn’t change things for the world.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is coming. But today is simple and beautiful and I am taking every moment in.

In this over complicated world, simplicity will help us succeed.

Peace and love

teaghanlee xxx




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