How I Conquered Chronic Fatigue and Now, I am Conquering the World




In our lives, each one of us is faced with hardships and challenges that act to test us, teach us and set us on the right path.

For me, the biggest obstacle I faced, the one that absolutely transformed my life and set me on the journey I am on today came in the form of an debilitating illness called Chronic Fatigue.

Like a bolt of lightening, this illness struck me down approximately 3 years ago and from what it seemed, entirely out of the blue. After years of pushing myself to the limit, working multiple jobs, studying, socialising and training at the gym, the exhaustion and fatigue hit me like a tonne of bricks and turned my life upside down.

At the time when it happened, my life was going swimmingly. I had just completed my Personal Training course, was working at Vision Personal Training while building my own fitness business, working at a shoe store and trying to maintain my strict fitness regime.

Then, over the course of a few weeks I began to notice changes in my body. I became increasingly fatigued, unable to workout or work at my usual capacity and struggled to get through a typical day. My thoughts became cloudy and overwhelmed my mind, making it hard to communicate or articulate with others. I began to feel consistently bloated, unable to stomach my usual foods and my immune system just kept crashing, with a sore throat and flu coming on regularly. I was so tired, I craved sugar and carbohydrates all the time just to try and make it through whatever I was doing. My muscles ached and I felt depressed, anxious and just all round horrible.

At first I had no idea what was going on and the worst thoughts came to mind. I worried I had cancer or was dying, and endless doctors visits and blood tests with no avail did not help ease my concerns. Having suffered from depression previously, the Doctors and I began to fear that a bad episode of depression had come on. It didn’t make sense though when everything in my life had been going so fantastic.

After after a month or so, the mental and physical fatigue became so bad that I had to quit my job as a Personal Trainer, my job working in retail and put University studies on hold. I couldn’t train anymore, socialise or even work. I lost my financial independence, my zest for life and as a result, my will to live. In hindsight, the decision to move to away from my family to Melbourne with my then partner in the middle of it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do. I needed my family and support more than ever.


For 6 months following the onset, I was pretty much passed between Doctors and Specialists trying to figure out what was going on with my body. I was frustrated, even more worried and desperate for answers! So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I began researching my symptoms, using Dr Google to try and diagnose myself in light of my Doctor’s being able to do so. Eventually I found something that seemed to line up with all of my symptoms- Adrenal and Chronic Fatigue. Unfortunately though there was no known cure or treatment.

I approached my doctor with my findings, hoping it would bring us closer to answers. I desperately wanted an outcome, but at the same time I hoped it would be something that was treatable, unlike the illnesses I had come across.

Surprisingly, my Doctor heard out my findings and decided to refer me to a Rheumatologist, particularly after a test result came back showing some kind of inflammation. Finally we were getting somewhere!

After three or four months of visiting the Rheumatologist, having a ridiculous amount of tests and blood tests and forking out huge amounts of money, I was finally given a ‘tentative’ diagnosis, Fibromyaligia. Through the process of elimination, this was the final outcome.

I thought I would be relieved after all of this, but in fact I became much more depressed. The Rheumatologist gave me a fact sheet on Fibromyalgia which pretty much outlined what was to be my future. I would not be able to work, barely be able to socialise and exercise, well you could count that out. I was told that as this condition was treatable and incurable, I would be stuck with this lack of mental and physical energy forever. The diagnosis was then confirmed as Chronic Fatigue by a head Professor of Immunology, which didn’t make matters any better.

From there, I spiralled out of control a bit. I swear, if it wasn’t for the fact that I had a loving partner and wonderful family, I would have just ended my life then and there. What was the point in living a life where I couldn’t even actually live? I began feeling sorry for myself and isolated myself even more from the world and those around me.


Then one day, something clicked inside me. I don’t know where it came from or what brought it on, but I decided that I could not let this illness dictate my life anymore. I had always been a strong, fighting personality who refused to give up, so why would I give up now? This girl was going to fight!

That began my mission to recover. I tried everything I could, read up on everything and essentially educated myself on healing and health remedies. I tried a nutritional program, a detox program, consulted two Naturopaths, a psychologist and an Exercise physiologist and enquired about various other programs to help. Everyone around me seemed to know someone who had had Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia that cured it from this and that and provided me with endless suggestions. I was overwhelmed with possibilities for a cure or treatment.

After 2.5 years of struggling with the mental and physical exhaustion and periods of up’s and down’s, it wasn’t until 6 months ago in October last year I really started to see myself progress. Other people and myself had given me the hope I needed to recover and I knew that it was a possibility, but it wasn’t until the resignation of another job and a break up from my partner of 3 years I realised what the answer was: me.

All this time, I had been depending on others and their infinite wisdom to help me get better but little did I realise that the only person who could heal me was me. I was giving all the power to others when instead I should have been giving the power to myself to make things better.

After all the work I had done, this was the point I decided that I would be accountable for my fatigue. I had caused it so why couldn’t I allow myself the power to eliminate it? The answer was that I could.

I began listening to self-development podcasts, something I had done in the past without purpose, but now with a drive to heal myself, they became even more crucial. I started reading every self development book I could get my hands on, listened to as many Youtube videos as possible and began to set intentions, practice gratitude and retrain my thoughts through the power of positive affirmations. If I was going to embark on this process of self development and healing, I was going to give it my all.


Now, 6 months on from making this decision and 3 years after the onset of Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue (whatever fatigue I have), I am feeling more optimistic, happier and healthier than ever. My energy has been restored to approximately 80%, in comparison to the 20% or so I had at the beginning, my thoughts are clearer and my muscle pain, depression and anxiety are almost obsolete.

In the process of my recovery, I decided that while my main focus was healing, working a ‘traditional’ job was not going to be a good fit for me. I wanted to focus as much energy on getting better as possible and if I was going to earn some kind of income, wanted it to be in a manner that could correspond with this goal. This was the moment I decided to embark on the journey of creating my own job, a job that fit in with my recovery.

These days, in between working out at the gym 3-4 days a week, yoga and bike riding, my main focus is working on several opportunities that will enable me to build a career that I love and can travel the world doing and help others do the same.

This whole experience has completely transformed my philosophy on life and if there is one take-away from all of it, it is that life is the greatest gift and should be enjoyed to the full. Sure I didn’t have a deadly or life-threatening illness, but it was one that really limited my capacity to enjoy the life I had.

By almost losing that and being exposed to the potential life I could have had if I had refused to give up, I have completely reformulated my whole perspective. No longer do I want to let other’s dictate my life, my health or wealth, only I am capable of making that decision.

Therefore, I choose to live a life where my days are filled with gratitude, happiness and adventure. I strive to learn new things and teach myself in order to better my life, my business opportunities and in time that of others. My goal is to create and invest in multiple businesses so that I can focus on self development and travelling the world. My biggest ambition however is to help others live the life of their dreams so they avoid burning themselves into the ground, trying to keep up with the current way of life like I did. I wouldn’t wish this illness upon anyone and if I can help prevent that in anyway, my mission on earth would be accomplished.


We were not born to work a 9-5 highly stressful job where our value is exchanged for a petty salary nor were were made to live a life of unhappiness. Depression and anxiety levels are increasing and we are becoming a sicker, more miserable society. So let’s work together to make a change.

We were only given one life, so let us choose how we live it. If you don’t like your job, quit it. If you want to travel the world, do it. If you love someone, tell the them. Whatever you want, you can make it happen. Think it, visualise it and send it out to the Universe for it to take care of.

We are only limited by our own beliefs. The possibilities of this world are endless if we just believe in ourselves and our own capabilities.

I had a bad experience, one that came from limiting beliefs and lack of self- love and I turned it completely on it’s head to make it the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Believe me when I say this- YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

You are a leader in your life, not the victim. You are accountable and in control so stand strong and make a change.

I will be here for you to guide you through it and to provide you with self-development, health and fitness advice that I have used on my own journey but ultimately it is you who decides how you use it.

I hope my story is a testament of what we as humans can achieve in this world and inspires you to take action to do the same. Trust me though, this is only the beginning for me. The first chapter of my novel.

Make this your first chapter to. It all begins right here, right now. You are the driving force.

Look forward to inspiring, motivating and working with you all.

Together we can take on the world. Alone, we are unstoppable.

– the Soulful Wanderer


5 Simple Steps To Setting Intentions


We all have dreams. Dreams of who we want to be, what we want to do, who we want to love and how much money we want to have. Well intentions are the core components that allow us to achieve these dreams.

An intention is simply the creative force that underlies our dreams, encapsulating everything we want to manifest into several words that we send out to the Universe to make happen.

As I have mentioned previously, setting your intentions daily is crucial to achieving your dreams and goals and overall, accomplishing the success you desire. If you want to make things happen and you want to attract the tools into your life to make them happen, then you need to start with the basic task of setting your intentions.


1.  Find A Place of Solitude

In order to uncover what it is you truly want, first of all you have to find that state of pure awareness, beyond the noise that consumes our every day lives.

Allow yourself some quiet time to sit, away from all the loudness of your surroundings and to just be one with yourself and your own thoughts. If you need to, listen to some quiet meditation music to centre yourself and get you into the zone.

Once you are in this state of amplified awareness, you are then able to begin planting your intentions.

2.  Let Your Intentions Soar

Now that you are in a peaceful, heightened state of awareness it is safe to unleash the intentions you wish to manifest.

You have entered a realm of possibilities where anything is possible, so feel free to let go of your greatest desires. Ensure that you do just that, once you have thought it, feel it and then let it go into the infinite state of the Universe.

Do this with every intention that you have. Think it, feel it, let it go. Take a few minutes on each and incorporate them into your morning ritual if possible, following your morning meditation.

3.  Block Out Negativity

With each intention, try to avoid being overwhelmed by doubts or negative influences that may hinder your ability to bring these desires into your life.

Other people may criticise or question our ability to manifest such great things, however it is your duty to eliminate these from our mind, particularly in a state of relaxation during your intention manifestation.

Only the Universe and your higher self are capable of making these things happen, so leave it to them to work their magic.

4.  Embrace Uncertainty

Disconnect yourself from the result of your intentions if they come to fruition.

By attaching ourselves to something, we show insecurity and weakness, which in turn limits the ability for you to be our true, higher self.

Once you have set and released your intentions, allow them to be free and just continue to go on your life as normal. Through this freedom, we will open ourselves up to the right opportunities in due time.

5.  Let the Universe Work Magic

You’ve manifested your intention and created a foundation for them to happen, now you have to trust in the Universe and the law of attraction to make it happen.

Allow yourself to be distant from them and avoid taking control. These things will happen if and when they are meant to. Obsessing over them will achieve nothing but the opposite result.

Remember, the Universe is a truly magical force and always has your back.

Follow these basic and steps, and there will be no stopping the great things that will manifest in your life.

There will be plenty more to come on the powerful force of the Universe, so stay tuned Soulies!

Happy Manifesting tribe!

– the Soulfule Wanderer xxx


7 Morning Rituals of Happy, Successful People


I don’t know about you, but if there is one thing I want to be in this world, besides ecstatically happy and enlightened, is being successful.

When I started going through this massive shift in my life, on my journey towards finding my true self, the one thing I sought out was methods and strategies that I could employ to create the life I wanted. I read books, listened to podcasts, watched Youtube videos and spoke to any successful person I could to gain insight into the life that I wanted to manifest. I took advantage of every piece of information I could get my hands on.

Along the way, one of the key things I learned was the importance of an effective morning routine in creating the foundation for abundance, prosperity and happiness. Employed by the most financially and spiritually successful individuals in the world, a carefully structured set of morning rituals are crucial to creating a highly productive day and of course, an abundant life. After all, mornings are the most productive time of the day right?

If you want to succeed and achieve your goals, then reformulating your usual morning routine is the key to build a prosperous life. Successful individuals understand the importance of such morning habits and embrace a morning ritual to ensure that their days and lives are set up for success and big achievements.

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What time do I get out of bed?
  • How do I spend my morning
  • What do I eat for breakfast?

Are these habits aiding or hindering your success? Are they setting the standard for effective and productive days in your business or at your job or are they rushed and stressful like your work days?

If you are an individual who falls into this category, then don’t worry, I have formulated some of the greatest morning routines from the world’s most successful individuals a to help you build your own successful empire!

  1. Wake Up Early You may not be a morning person now, but trust me you will benefit greatly if you muster up the motivation up the energy to get up earlier and use your time wisely. Waking up before 7am, I have personally found especially beneficial as it allows me time to focus on me, the most important person, before I get out there and take on the world. Start with waking up 10-15 minutes earlier each week until you get to your goal wake up time. It may take a little time to get yourself into a routine of going to bed and waking up earlier but once you do you will feel much more motivated and enlightened for the day ahead.
  2. Meditation Meditation allows us to bring solitude to our lives and teaches us to just be present. When there is so much happening in the world, it is the perfect outlet from our busy lives to just be at one with ourselves. Take at least 10-15minutes every morning listening to some guided meditation or meditation music. Not only will you feel less stress and anxious about the day ahead, but you will feel more centered and your thoughts will be clearer for you to take on whatever the day throws at you.
  3. Practice Positive Affirmations We all have limiting beliefs that restrict us from taking action or making changes in our lives. Limiting beliefs can cloud our thoughts and at times, can sabotage our own success. By practicing positive affirmations daily, we are able to slowly transition from these negative, restrictive thoughts to a place of positive,affirming thoughts where the possibilities of life are endless. Through practicing this ritual in the morning, ideally in front of the mirror, we create the foundation for a positive day full of greatness and success.
  4. Have a Healthy, Mindful Breakfast If you are rushing out the door grabbing a coffee and muffin on the way to work or even worse, not having breakfast then you are sabotaging your own success. By taking the time to sit down and enjoy a nutritious breakfast, you are not only setting yourself up mentally for the day ahead, but physically as well. Your body will function a lot better with a good meal in it and your brain will operate like a boss to help you absolutely ace the day!
  5. Do  Some Exercise or Yoga Seriously, starting the day off with exercise, even if it is just 5-10 minutes is the perfect way to get the endorphins pumping and get your blood flowing through your body for the day. I start every day with a 10-15 minute yoga or ab work out and let me tell you, for the rest of the day I work absolutely incredibly. Get some fitness into your morning routine and you will be not only one happy camper but you will fly through your daily schedule like a charm.
  6. Revisit Your Goals Let me just start by saying we should all be having goals that we are working towards. By having goals, just like a GPS, we are able to see where we are going and navigate our way there. Start off with the big goals, goals we wish to achieve over a year and then break them down into monthly, weekly and daily goals. Every day we should be revisiting our daily goals, making sure that we are on track and then assessing them entirely at the end of our weeks and months. By doing this, we become accountable for our goals and are more likely to lead ourselves to achieving them throughout the day.
  7. Set Your Intentions For The Day Setting our intentions is all part of a wonderful process called the Law of Attraction and is the first step in manifesting our dreams. By writing down what we want out of life and taking 5 minutes to visualise it we are increasing the likelihood that the Universe will guide what we desire towards us. Don’t stress about the finer details of how it is going to get to you, the Universe will take care of it for you! If you are really super keen (like I obviously am), you can create a Universe box and spend 5-10 minutes every morning writing down your intentions and placing them in the box. Once they are in the box, they are the Universe’s responsibility to take care of and make happen for you.

I assure you, employ these 7 morning routines and before you know it, you will be leading the successful life of your dreams before you know it!

Happy succeeding!

– The Soulful Wanderer


How to Use The Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Dreams in 7 Easy Steps


How magical life can be sometimes, particularly when you feel the Universe is aligning and things are falling into place.

For me, this has been a long time coming, particularly after a rough 2016. Three years of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, then a break up and job resignation at the end of last year, things were definitely looking pretty bleak. Just when I had started to lose hope, particularly after working so hard on myself and my recovery, the Universal power began to attract some pretty great things into my life.


The Law of Attraction is a philosophy based on the premises that whatever we put out to the Universe,we will attract in return. The whole concept behind it states that the energy force contained in our thoughts and our selves when projected outwards is powerful enough to magnetise good or bad energy towards it. Whatever energy we CHOOSE to focus on, whether it be the positive or the negative energy will be manifested into our lives in mysterious ways.


After coming across a few great podcasts on the Law of Attraction, it is safe to say I am hooked on the power of what can happen when you put your mind to it. Personally, I have used the law of attraction to manifest a number of different things, including a bike, new business opportunities and even a special someone in my life. It just makes you realise how incredibly powerful it can be!

To get started using the Law of Attraction it is my recommendation that you start small. Lee Curtiz from one of my favourite Youtube channels, You Are Creators started his law of attraction journey by visualising a blue apple every day for 10 minutes. After a few months of practising this technique, he was at the grocery store when magically he found a blue apple. Crazy stuff right!

So let’s break it down for all of you Law of Attraction beginners:

  1. Relax Your Mind and Body- To get started, you need to ensure your mind and body are in a calm and relaxed state to absorb all of the benefits. Take about 5 minutes every day or so to sit down and mediate, enabling yourself to get in your zen-like state. Deep breathes from your belly will also aid in the relaxation process.
  2. Make a Clear Decision About What You Want- Our thoughts create our reality so in order to manifest exactly what we want in life we need to have clear, concise thoughts on what we are after. By sending out specific, enthused thoughts, the Universe is able to pick up on this frequency of energy and work behind the scenes on bringing into your life what you have requested. If you want to, even write down on a scrap of paper exactly what it is you are after and then throw it out once you are finished so that you are not hung up on it.
  3. Figure Out Your Why?– Why is exactly that you want these things to happen? Why are you focused on achieving these goals? There is always an underlying reason behind our ambitions and dreams. Digging deep to find out your ‘why’ and the feeling of achieving it, will enable you to increase your vibration and magnetise the tools you need to reach these goals.
  4. Visualise What You Want- Through the art of visualisation, create the idea that this thing or desire is already yours. What does it feel like to have it? What does it look like? What does it smell like? Use all of your senses to go into as much detail as possible. When we make this request a realistic vision, the Universe will have no choice but to help you work towards making this thing yours.
  5. Jot It Down- On piece of paper or in a journal, write down clearly exactly what it is you would like to manifest into your life. I highly recommend writing it as if you already have and embrace the emotions and feelings for having this thing that you desired so much. Only use affirmative and powerful language, for example I am a successful business owner earning $10,000 per month, as this will enable your mind to manifest positive results.
  6. Practice Gratitude- I highly recommend practicing daily gratitudes, but it is also great yo practice them when working on the Law of Attraction. Through showing appreciation for the things that we have received in our lives, we are returning the favour to the Universe for all of the wonderful things it has done for us. In heightening this gratitude for the Universal power, the Universe is more likely to work harder to manifesting our desires even further.
  7. Let The Universe Work It’s Magic- Don’t be anxious or overthink what you want. Once you have put it out to the Universe, or but it in your ‘Universe’ box, just let the Universe work quietly in the background to manifest your dreams. You don’t have to worry about the ‘how’, the Universe will take care of all of that. All you need to do is just be patient and trust that the Universe is doing all it can to get what you have put out there.

In addition to these 7 steps, I have also found some great resources on the Law of Attraction to incorporate into your daily meditation routines and lives. These are some of my personal faves that I listen to on almost a daily basis and that have helped me attract INCREDIBLE things into my life to help me achieve my dreams.







There are just a few to get you started, but don’t worry there will be plenty more to come!

Just know that no matter where you are in life, you are capable of manifesting your greatest dreams and desires. All you need to do is follow these 7 steps and you will be well on your way to achieving your goals and creating the most amazing life possible.

The Universe has your back, you just have to put in the initial ground work.

Happy Manifesting!

Peace and love

– The Soulful Wanderer x



10 Things Chronic Fatigue Taught Me About Life


I’m not going to lie to you, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a devil of an illness to have. It comes into your life like a storm and completely tornadoes over every part of who you are and what you live for. Although, it can also be a blessing in disguise.

If someone had told me 3 years ago that my endless amounts of energy would expire and I would be forced to live a completely different life, I would never have believed you. My life was fantastic, I had everything at my fingertips and was heading down the path I always dreamed of. Or so I thought.

Fast-track to the present day and here I am and quite frankly I would not change anything that has happened nor the onset of this supposed ‘chronic’ illness for the life of me. Why? Because it has taught me so much about myself, people and life that I could never have discovered if it wasn’t for the path I was led down by Chronic Fatigue.

The amount of wisdom and knowledge it has provided me with is beyond any book I could have read nor any amount of studying I could have done. This experience truly has provided me with so many life lessons and for that I am so very grateful.

  1. To live in the present Before I became unwell, I was always rushed and never stopped to take things in. I didn’t make time for others or getting to know them, I was oblivious to the beauty of the world that surrounded me and my brain was always thinking to the future rather then focusing on the present moments. I was too caught up in this busy, fast-paced lifestyle that so many of us are accustomed to in today’s society. However when Chronic Fatigue hit me, I was literally forced to stop and take notice of things. These days instead of ignoring the wonder of things around me, I take time to stop to smell the roses (literally), breathe in the fresh air of nature and talk and listen with love to the people that matter in my life. I take pride in my ability to embrace my surroundings and savour in every moment rather then being anxious about what is to come.
  2. To be more compassionate and empathetic I hate to say it, but prior to getting Chronic Fatigue I was very self-absorbed. I didn’t really care much about others nor did I bother taking time out to listen to their needs or problems- I was too focused on my own. It wasn’t because I was not a good person, but more because I was just too time-poor and over-ambitious. When Chronic Fatigue struck, over time my mindset began to adjust. With lower energy I found myself talking less and listening more enabling me to learn more about others and their worries or concerns. I began to understand the hardships of others and with my own personal experiences managing Chronic Fatigue, I was able to relate more to their stories and build better relationships as a result. I am thankful to say because of this I have gained some deep and loving friendships and relationships that I treasure very close to my heart.
  3. To be more confident When your body starts attacking you, draining all of the life out of you and robbing you of your mental and physical energy, you begin to look and feel like crap. When I first got sick I felt bloated all the time, my skin began to break out badly and I felt as though I had the flu 24/7, complete with aching muscles and horrible shivers. I had always struggled with my self-esteem and confidence, especially after having acne, freckles and being bullied as a kid, but the moment all of this started happening in my body, things plummeted further sending me into a state of deep depression. Despite it being a very cyclical journey, through the process of meditation, reading tons of self-development books and practising affirmations I have grown to completely love myself and be confident in the skin I am in. I may not be Angelina Jolie or have the body of a Victoria’s secret model but I am comfortably me and for that I am beyond happy.
  4. It is okay to be unwell The most challenging thing I faced when I first got sick was actually accepting that I was unwell. My body knew something wasn’t right but for so long my mind was fighting it, trying to convince me that nothing was wrong and to keep going. I knew that if I accepted it somehow it would make things real and I would be perceived as weak, incompetent or even lazy by others. I worried what my friend’s and family would think. I fought this for so long that I truly believe it jeopardised my recovery process. When I finally let myself become vulnerable and accept the illness, I began to see things from a new standpoint and created the platform I needed to enable myself to recover. These days I am able to openly talk about my experiences with Chronic Fatigue in order to educate and help others going through illness or hardships.
  5. That health is the most important thing I cannot emphasise this point enough! As somebody that used to absolutely thrash their body, despite eating healthy and exercising, a holistic lifestyle is the most important gift you can give yourself to retain a good quality of life. When your health is out of alignment, everything else collapses- your job or career, family and relationships, financial situation and ability to travel and do things you love. Trust me, I have been there. Treat your mind and body like a temple. Eat healthy, wholesome foods, stay active, do yoga and stretching daily, see a medical professional when you have a health concern, avoid stress, practice mindfulness and most importantly listen to your body. When you have a healthy, happy mind and body the rest of your life is harmonious.
  6. The simple things in life are the most important ones When you are completely stripped of everything in your life, you truly do come to value what is really important. When I got Chronic Fatigue I lost the ability to work my dream job, study at university or do any of the things I once enj0yed doing such as exercising or socialising. Consequently not only was I stripped of my energy, but my financial freedom and the things that once defined me, which didn’t leave me with much. Or so I thought. In the process of my recovery, and through the power of mindfulness and daily gratitudes I came to find that I was in fact infinitely rich in what really mattered. I had a wonderful, supportive network of family and friends, a bed to sleep in at night, fresh, clean water and food and some money for the necessities, there wasn’t really much more that I needed. Material things could never compensate for how whole I felt when I realised this fact.
  7. It is okay to ask for help Asking for help definitely sounds easier then it is. As a self-confessed independent woman, losing my ability to be self-sufficient and work was definitely a feat to get my head around. Eventually though I was left with no choice. I had to suck up my pride and reach out to both my mum and my dad for support and at times had to lean on my partner to help get me through the hard times. I realised that asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness or loss of independence, it is simply depending on those you love when you need them and in turn doing the same for them when they need you. It is the test of any true relationship.
  8. You don’t have to be perfect at everything This is coming from a former type-A perfectionist, so you best believe it. As someone who has always strived to get the absolute best results in everything and nothing less, I essentially burnt myself into the ground with this mentality. I wanted to be the best personal trainer, the best salesperson and get all high distinctions in my university course all while trying to be the best girlfriend, have the perfect body and having the most presentable and cleanest apartment. Eventually, my OCD and perfectionist ways backfired and instead of being able to be the best I had to learn to prioritise where to focus my energy.  I learned, with the help of a specialist that I worked with, that it is okay not to be the best at everything and to just settle for what I can do with the energy and stamina I have got. In this process I also discovered that perfectionism was a way of trying to mask my lack of self-worth and when I worked on building my self value, I was able to let go of my perfectionist habits.
  9. To be patient Patience was never my strong point. I always wanted everything and I wanted it to happen now not later. Instead of completing one thing and then moving onto another, my impatience caused me to do everything all at once. Of course, this is another contributing factor which led to my eventual burnout and Chr0nic Fatigue Syndrome onset. It became more obvious when I got Chronic Fatigue as instead of just letting my body slowly work through healing, I tried to force myself into getting better by taking a plethora of different supplements and following many different treatment regimes. It wasn’t until I spoke to a specialist that I realised the only way I was going to get better was one factor: TIME. After it’s extreme burn out, my body needed time to heal back to a level of normality and a journey that would require a degree of patience from myself. These days, I am much more stable and tolerant, enjoying taking each day as it comes in my recovery process and focusing on slowly working towards my goals and ambitions. I know that great things will happen in time.
  10. The importance of self love Self love is so important and it wasn’t until my recovery from Chronic Fatigue, I realised how much I lacked in that department. For years prior I had subdued myself to self-criticism and low self-worth to the point where I felt the opposite for myself- complete self-hate. I lacked confidence and had poor self-esteem which subjected me to avoiding many great opportunities in life and constantly quitting things instead of following them through. It also drove me to the point of perfectionism. It wasn’t until I consulted with a Psychic that I truly realised what I needed to get better, complete and utter self-love. Instead of sabotaging my recovery telling myself how hopeless and unworthy I am, I began knuckling down to the root cause of my issues and practising positive affirmations to overcome these limiting beliefs. Particularly after the break up from my ex-partner of 3 years, I was able to completely focus 100% on me and showing myself all the love that I usually had given out to others and deprived myself of. Together with my affirmations, healthy eating and regular meditation, I reignited all of my passions, going to the gym, playing cricket, writing, enabling me to find the self that I loved so much. Now I can happily say that most days, I love myself immensely. Sure I still have that niggling bit of criticism or self doubt that sometimes appears but the majority of the time I feel happy, loved and comfortable in the skin I am in.

Whatever journey we are going through in life, I am sure that we all have valuable lessons to take away. In my personal experience, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was not imposed upon me because I was being punished or had done something wrong, it simply happened to teach me some amazing things that I had previously been too ignorant to see.

I now understand with more clarity why this happened to me and despite the hardships I faced suffering from this chronic illness, would not change what has happened nor what I have learned for the world. I am a wiser, more valuable and loving person because of it.

There are still many lessons to be learned in life, but for this chapter I am coming out the other side with a whole new wonderful perspective on my own life and the world. I have so much to look forward to in the future and am completely enthralled for what lies ahead.

Sometimes life takes us down the path we least expect, but in doing so teaches us the greatest lessons in life. It is these lessons that define us and transform us into the greatest person we can be.

Love to you all on your journey of learning and self-discovery.

Peace and love

– The Soulful Wanderer


How To Get More Out Of Life

Only you have the power to change your life


The one thing that I see every day is unhappy, miserable people. Despite my Facebook and Instagram pages filling up with positivity from the wonderful entrepreneurs, travellers and people that grace my newsfeed, I still find the outside world full of individuals who are hating on life, just simply existing rather then living.

One person that springs to mind in particular was a lady that served me in Woolworths the other day. A shortish, middle aged woman stood idly behind her checkout and despite my smile and ‘how are you today’ greeting all I got in response was a grunt. As she packed my goods in a bag and processed my payment, I kindly thanked her and wished her a good day, and of course, not to my surprise she looked down and grunted once again. No thank you, you have a nice day. There were no good manners or courteous exchanges of the sort.

As I walked back to the car, this really got me thinking what in life had caused this woman to be so unfriendly and impolite? Maybe her husband at cheated on her and left her to raise 3 kids alone? Maybe one of her parents had died young and she struggled to live without them? Maybe she just plain hated her job and wanted to be spending time with her grand kids or holidaying in the Caribbean instead? Whatever it was, this lady acted as though the whole world was against her.

Unfortunately this is not a rarity. This woman was one of many people who I see on a daily basis who seem like victims to their own life, one in which they have sacrificed their dreams and happiness to end up in this monotonous, miserable day-to-day existence.

The sad thing is nobody else is to blame but them. Yes, I know this sounds harsh but it is us that chooses how we think and what we think is reflected back to us in the form of actions and experiences within our lives. Now these thoughts may not have been purposely embedded in our brain, they may have derived from beliefs that were drilled into us when we were younger, but they are still OUR thoughts and we must take responsibility of them if we want to change what we give out and get back in life. If we give out unfriendliness and impoliteness, it is highly likely we will get others acting the same in return and attract negative experiences into our life. On the other hand if we give out love and compassion then you can bet that we will attract loving relationships and great opportunities in return.

What I am talking about here is more then this though, so many people I see on a daily basis are not only failing to take responsibility for their thoughts, they are also failing to claim responsibility for their entire life. They work in their current position because the company they work for won’t promote them. They can’t find a job because their are no jobs out there or nobody will hire them. They can’t get good grades because the teacher is to harsh. They can’t leave their job because their husband won’t let them or they can’t afford it. However this victim mentality is just making them fall deeper into the black hole of misery.

We are born into the world as one person, one individual with our own thoughts, personality and beliefs, so why do we let external factors dictate our lives and turn it into something that we have minimal control over. The answer comes down to this- lack of self love.

As we grow from an innocent child into an adult we are influenced by our parents, teachers, friends, neighbours or even in the media who foster beliefs in us that we carry throughout our lives. Some of these beliefs are positive and make us into great people, but others can be negative and self-limiting, degrading our level of self-love and self-worth and it is these beliefs that prevent us from being the extroverted, valuable and full-of-potential person we were all born to be.

Now I am not blaming the people that inflicted these limiting beliefs into our lives, not at all. They were unaware of the power their thoughts and beliefs were having over you at the time, however in order to overcome these and be the person you want to be, live the life you want to live then you need to become aware, take responsibility for your thoughts and change them. The first step to change starts with you.

Of course, change doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and it is a process. If you can work hard at school, university or in your job, surely you can work hard at the most important thing and centre of all of that: you. The most significant investment you will ever make in your life is in you, but you need to make that decision to start. Nobody can tell you you need to change, nobody can force you to change, you need to be the catalyst for your own migration to your higher self. Once you have conquered your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, the world becomes your oyster and you become the greatest version of you imaginable, projecting greatness and receiving greatness back into your life.

How do you do it? Well what it entails is the following:

  1. Figuring out the root cause of your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs
  2. Providing yourself with a ridiculous amount of self-love to combat these
  3. Daily, repeated positive affirmations.



Firstly you must identify where your problems came from. Reflect back to your childhood, as this is usually when these beliefs take their hold on us. I recommend writing in a table, with three headings Belief, Problem and Cause. Then ask yourself for each belief, what is the problem it has caused and the root cause of it, eg. What is the belief- I am not good enough, Problem- I can’t hold down a relationship, Where did this come from- Bullying at school, abandonment, heartbreak. This may take some time and may be a little emotional, but as you work through them you will come to make more sense of your mind and thoughts to be able to change them through self love and affirmations.


Secondly we must pour immense amounts of self love into ourselves in order to conquer these self-limiting beliefs. Self love is a difficult concept to grasp but if we are going to have any chance of living the life of our dreams and finding our soul mate, then loving yourself is a crucial step. For me, I had to learn to love myself the hard way after becoming ill with Chronic Fatigue but for you I feel this will be a much more self-willing process. Self-love is about treating yourself as if you were a baby, treating your mind and body with all the delicacy and care it deserves.

Some ways include:

  • Doing things you love
  • Surrounding yourself with uplifting people
  • Eating healthy foods
  • Exercising
  • Practicing mindfulness

Trying to avoid practices like comparing yourself to others, criticising yourself and negative thoughts will also make a huge difference, and while these things may take time, you will find your love for yourself increase profusely when you let them go. Try and make a daily practice of self love, as the more we practice loving ourselves daily, the greater overall love we will end up accumulating.


A great way to re-frame your negative thoughts and retrain your mind to think more positively is through the practice of repeated daily affirmations. Every day for 10-15 minutes sit yourself in front of a mirror and repeat 5-10 positive affirmations that link in with your personal values and that reflect parts of your life that you need to work on. Personally, based on my goals to recover from Chronic Fatigue and build a successful business, my affirmations are centered around these core ambitions. I have listed some great resources for positive affirmations below for you to practice:

35 Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

Louise Hay Affirmations

Wherever you are in this world, you truly deserve to be living the life to the full. With the help of this 3 tier process- uncovering limiting beliefs, loving yourself and positive affirmations- I have no doubt that you will be able to unlock your full potential and get to achieving those goals you have set out in your life. All you need to do is take responsibility for your life and choose to take this first step.

Stay tuned, there will be many more resources on how to transform your life coming soon!

Peace and love

-the Soulful Wanderer

Making Memories By the Sea


This day, Saturday the 4th February was one of the most spectacular days during my time here on the Central Coast.

It wasn’t the beautiful weather, although that was great. It was not that I was in a particularly great mood that day. It was the fact that I got to spend the entire day with my beautiful little sister who I love and adore to pieces.

The previous week, after wanting one for so long, I finally treated myself to a new bike. And by new, I mean a second hand, $30 one. It was no pro road bike, but I didn’t plan to ride a triathlon with it, all I wanted it for was to in lieu of a car, get me to the places I needed to go whilst keeping me fit.

Coinciding with this investment, my little sister has decided to conquer her fears and ditch the training wheels on her bike that she had become so accustomed to over the years. After a few days of practicing and training, the little trooper was ready to take on the the big world, less her trusty little training wheel friends, and in her excitement, bike riding adventures with me was a given.

It all began when she decided to ditch a day in Sydney with her mum and my dad just to spend the day with me, which made me feel incredibly special. It was a special day together, so I luckily my energy levels were moderate enough to fit in everything we wanted to do. So we began planning our special day, a day that consisted of- pokemon catching (a given), lollies, baking chocolate chip cookies, bike riding adventures to the park, a swim in the pool and of course, some movies. Our day was set.

We went on a walk to the park and caught some Pokemon, including some rare ones which was incredibly exciting. We came home and rested before we went to the shops to get our ingredients for Eve’s favourite, chocolate chip cookies, the gluten free option of course. We put on our invisible aprons and like the born cooking prodigies we are, we whipped up some incredible chocolate chip cookies. Sure they didn’t turn out very aesthetically beautiful, but they tasted great, and that’s what matters right?

In our amazement over our baking skills, we divulged the cookies while we watched a movie- Alice in Wonderland to be precise. The day outside was overcast and raining so we figured a movie day would be a perfect way to enjoy the less favourable weather. Movies and snuggles with my cute little squirt.

As it would have it, 10 minutes later the sun was shining, out in full form and really turning up the heat. Almost instantly it went from cold and gloomy to stinking hot and super sunny. If I didn’t know it, I would have thought I was back in Melbourne.

Being the crazy people that we are, naturally Eve and I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to go for a bike ride to the park- not the best idea in hindsight. The ride itself was fun, Eve acing her new bike riding freedom, but the hot made us so parched and sweaty it was disgusting. Let me tell you, in those moments of riding, sweat dripping from me, I had never felt any sexier in my life. Ladies, watch out!

After what seemed like the longest ride of our lives, we came home and literally collapsed into the pool. In that moment, diving into the pool, the refreshing coolness was the best thing I had ever experienced. On a 40+ degree day, sweat dripping from every pore, the soothing water made it all okay. Even though it was only a short, 10 min swim, it was incredible.

As Eve reminded me, Alice in Wonderland was still incomplete and we needed to finish what we had started. How dare I let the poor child not watch her whole movie? What kind of sister was I? A vegemite sandwich, a movie and of course a special treat was all she needed to keep her happy. And like that, she was transfixed.

In the late afternoon, out of nowhere, once Alice in Wonderland was finished, Eve made the decision that she wanted to go for another bike ride. We jumped on our wheels and heading to the waterfront where we could ride past the ocean and take in the gorgeous view or in Eve’s mind, catch pokemon.

The ride was phenomenal. The weather had cooled down thanks to a beautiful breeze and the air just felt magical. We rode for what felt like forever, despite our special stop off to get a ginger beer for Evie, an essential on any bike ride apparently. Then toward the end, on our ride home, we caught the beautiful sunset happening over the water, as pictured above. The perfect way to end a perfect day with my little squirt.

We didn’t spend much money and we didn’t do anything to incredible but somehow this was one of the greatest days, spending time with one of the people I love. Then again, every day here, spending time with the people that I love, is beyond incredible.

I truly believe that once you learn to love yourself more, for the person that you are, wholly and completely, the love for others around you amplifies and projects out in wonderful waves.

To my little sister, thank you for being so kind-hearted, loving and sneakily affectionate and to the wonderful people in my life, thank you for being a part of it. Every one of you are valuable in my life and I thank you for just being you.

Enjoy the moments with the people you love. Don’t dwell on the past. Don’t be anxious about the future. Just live in the present and savour every minute that you spend with these special people in your life, making incredible, fulfilling memories.

Peace and Love

The Soulful Wanderer



Central Coast: The Place I Call Home

The beautiful Gosford Waterfront at sunset

It has now been almost 3 months since I packed up my suitcase and came back ‘home’ to the Central Coast for what was meant to be a 3 week holiday. And what a wonderful extended holiday it has been.

For 25 years of my life, I inhabited this lovely place. Living by the beach, sunbaking and attempting to tan in the sun and spending way too much time at Terrigal beer garden, aka the Beery as it is more lovingly know to locals.

Oh how I missed the smell of fresh salty water, the feel of the golden sand between my toes, and  the crystal blue water. There really is no place like home.

I have so many great memories. Some difficult memories too, but mainly they are magical.


My childhood was filled with laughter, playing outside with my siblings and friends across the different houses I lived in in Kincumber, making mud pies, playing cricket in the street and making little pretend families in our cubby houses. Back in those days, as I have always been, I was incredibly active and outdoorsy and whether it be rollerblading, playing sports or rock-climbing our backyard wall, I was always outside. I may have been a quiet, sensitive kind of child but when I was out in the sunshine, surrounded by nature and moving my body, I was the happiest kid alive.

Being raised in a Catholic-ish family, naturally I was obligated to attend a Catholic primary school, and later in life, an all girls, Catholic highschool. Despite my obvious lack of Catholic values, being that homosexuality goes against the bible and all, I still thoroughly enjoyed, for the most part, my schooling experience. I made some magnificent friends who to this day I still hold very close to my heart and learned some incredible lessons about myself and life. But despite thriving in PDH-PE and maths, the academic side not really my priority, a factor that I regretted later in life.

Instead I was too busy going playing cricket or going to parties with my friends, mainly at Killcare, to be focused on the grades I was getting. I was at the peak of my teenage life exploring my sexuality, drinking passion pop and playing spin the bottle- there was no time for study in between all of that. It was also the time that my parents were going through their marriage breakup, so even more of an excuse to be distracted from my academic studies.


To be honest, I never would have thought after all of this I would end up at University, getting distinctions in my Bachelor of Commerce and Arts degree and building a business in marketing and self development. Never in my wildest dreams! But it happened, and here I am. Makes you realise that if you don’t well in school, your life is not over. There are plenty of other ways you can achieve your goals, but as I tend to do, I chose the road less travelled.

As I await going back to University, later this month to be precise, I have been astounded at what I have achieved during this 3 months on the coast. I have rekindled with my incredible friends who I lost contact with when I was unwell, I have met some wonderful new friends and most significantly, I have continued to grow as a person, working on my self development journey.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my life in Melbourne. I love the person I am there, the beautiful, friendly people and the wonderful cafes and culture. But I think for my mental health, I just needed a break from it. Not to escape, just to have a different atmosphere to work on myself in. To read, to write and to focus on becoming the person I want to be and building the business I want to prosper.

Unquestionably, this has by far been the greatest escape I could have asked for. I have spent so much time wandering on the beach or by the ocean, thinking about life. I have spent time in nature writing and meditating. I have taken myself out on dates to get my favourite chai or turmeric lattes. I have spent hours reading by my dad’s stunning backyard pool. It has been the greatest level of self-growth I have done in a long time and it has just all fallen into place so beautifully.

In addition, the time with my family and friends has just been invaluable. I have spent so much time with my beautiful six-year-old sister, catching pokemon, playing soccer in the park and riding our bikes together along the water front. I have spent quality time with my dad, other sister and my nan who I missed so much while I was in Melbourne. I got to catch up with my loving friends, all of whom I wish were part of my everyday life in Melbourne I miss them so immensely. There are people I still need to see more of I am sure, and my energy levels have limited that a little, but I know that I will get around to it in due time. It is the people who make my life feel whole and for them I often yearn to come back to the Coast, but the truth is, Melbourne is my new adventure. And as I am sure, it will not be the last.

I have plans to travel the world- Canada, the US (once Trump gets canned of course), South America, Europe, Asia. I have so many wonderful places on my bucket list I want to see. However right now, the greatest adventure is the one that is happening internally- my self growth and healing.

No matter where in the world I go, where my adventures take me, there will always be a special place for the Coast in my heart.

There is no place like home.

The Soulful Wanderer


How I Healed My Life

15137651_1204244146336526_787328303848591142_oWell today could have possibly been one of the greatest days ever. Sure every day is a great day, but for some reason, today was extra exceptional.

It wasn’t just the fact that I got to spend the day with my beautiful 6-year-old sister, riding bikes, baking gluten free chocolate chip cookies and swimming in the pool, although that was wonderful. It was the fact that I realised how far I have come and how grateful I am for that.

There are so many times when I get down in the dumps, thinking that I am not making any progress in my recovery and mourning for my old life. But the truth is my new life, this life that I am living now is possibly the greatest life I could have ever imagined.

Spiritually, I am in the prime of my life and after reading the book ‘How to Heal your Life’ by Louise Hay I am astounded at the amount of growth I have undergone, particularly in the last 6 months.

In the book, Louise talks about how thoughts and beliefs manifest into disease. How resentment, criticism, guilt and fear cause problems in our lives, and if we fail to deal with them can transform into all kinds of illnesses and hardships that cause even more problems. She emphasises that if we want to rid ourselves of disease or prevent it from happening in the first place, we  need to learn to forgive ourselves and others and love and approve of ourselves more. Only we can take responsibility of our lives and change our fate.

What I realised, while deeply engulfed in the pages of this wonderful book of wisdom, is that most of the teachings Louise Hay is preaching, most of the processes to overcome illness, I have already unknowingly gone through.

The issues all built up and cemented themselves in the way of an illness- CFS- because I failed to deal with the feelings of low self confidence, self-hatred and my depression. Instead I tried to submerge my feelings through obsessively exercising and cleaning, spending way too much money unnecessarily and keeping myself so busy, there was no time to stop and deal with things.

However, no matter how much you try and subdue your negative feelings, they will always come out one way or another. For me,  these feelings started coming out in the form of anxiety attacks. Out of nowhere in 2011, I found myself suddenly overwhelmed constantly, having random panic attacks every few days and at times, even ended up in hospital they were that bad. I thought it was just my body having a reaction to my exorbitant caffeine intake, but little did I realise this was the point of change in my life- the first step.

Then the next sign was the depression, the dark, gloomy cloud that hovered over me and would just not disappear. At the time when it started appearing, I was working at a shoe store and JB HI FI in the city and studying my cert 3 and 4 in Fitness at the Australian Institute of Fitness. My confident work persona, rapport-building skills with my customers and co-workers and my ability to hustle in sales, all slowly dwindled. I found myself unable to be my usual outgoing self and every time I looked in the mirror, I just looked so horrible and bloated, it made me just want to cry. I despised the person staring back at me and just wanted to hide away from the world. I couldn’t even talk to others because I felt that they were so happy and looked so fantastic and healthy, they would not want to associate with a hideous person like me. I had never felt so much hatred toward anybody but myself. All I wanted to do was just cry.

I had suffered from depression in the past, but this was on a whole new level. I felt my life slowing drifting through my fingers.

At the time, I had no idea what was happening. The darkness consumed me and the only thing that would make me remotely happy or lift my spirits was consuming anything with sugar- chocolate, lollies, ice cream. My body was in such a state that even eating was challenging- despite eating my usual foods, my appetite doubled and it felt as though no matter what I ate, nothing was being absorbed in my body. The clouded thinking made it difficult to work, finish my PT course or even articulate myself when having conversations with people around me. I felt like a crazy person, like I was losing it.

While I tried to mask my suffering with more supplements, a strategy I had employed in the past to disguise my problems, the issues became even more prominent. I felt like I was dying, as dramatic as that sounds.

For a period of 6-12 months following this ‘breakdown,’ I visited endless specialists and doctors trying to find the root cause, until I through my own research discovered the root of the problem. I determined, based on my variety of symptoms, that I had Chronic Fatigue or Adrenal Fatigue, and after advising my GP at the time of this, she confirmed my fears- it was Chronic Fatigue.

Based on the research I had done and various specialist’s ‘assistance,’ Chronic Fatigue was very complicated and very difficult to recover from. It involved spending most of my days in bed, telling all my friend’s and family that I can’t have much to do with them anymore and saying goodbye to my active, healthy lifestyle. This pushed my depression over the edge. Most days I cried, mourning my energetic, lively self and the life I used to have. All I wanted was to be a normal person again.

It was a rough year, and quite frankly I don’t know how I got through it. I had moved to Melbourne with my partner and her family when everything was surfacing and it couldn’t have happened at a worse possible time. I was in a new state with none of my family, unable to work and falling deeper into a state of depression with limited people to talk to. But somehow, I gained the strength to push through and get through 2014, the hardest year of my life.

Over the course of the years that followed, I slowly began to learn more and more about my Chronic Fatigue. I tried a cocktail of different supplements, some Naturopath recommended, some I had researched and sourced on my own, in the hope that they would give me the energy I needed to return to work and earn some money like a normal human being. However, it wasn’t until October 2016, I realised what a chaotic effect these were having on my body.

While I realised in time Chronic Fatigue can be recovered from, it was really when I came off all the supplements, except for a small dose of magnesium, that things truly began to become clear for me.

For so long I had focused on ‘bandaid’ solutions to my problems, trying to give myself temporary energy just to get through tomorrow when what I really should have been focused on was my long term energy. These supplements were just giving me false energy that was masking the true effects of my illness and in order to get better, I was going to have to keep things simple. Too much stress and overwhelm on my body had been what caused this illness to transpire in the first place, so I needed to take a different path.

In the past year prior to this realisation in October 2016, I had done a lot of personal growth. Meditation and tai chi had become an everyday ritual, I began reading lots of personal development books and I started listening to lots of great podcasts, all in the hope of retraining my thought patterns. I figured that if I was going to recover from this illness and deal with  side effects of depression and anxiety, the power lay within my mind. It wasn’t a light-bulb moment that this realisation occurred, but more of a gradual process learned from other sufferers, research and my own experience and determination. However despite all of the growth, I still felt this glass ceiling preventing me from being my full self once again.

So after the break up from my partner of almost 3 years, I finally had that light bulb moment. I realised I needed to strip myself of all complication and stressors in my life, simplify things and just focus on learning to love myself again. The supplements were the first to go and immediately I felt a huge change. Despite having less energy I felt my thinking become a lot clearer and finally after almost 3 years I began to felt like me again. I resigned from my very overwhelmingly stressful job at the bank and decided to go with my gut and just engage on this page of self development full time. I had just moved back in with my mum and had to pay minimal rent so figured that there was no time like the present to stop, slow down and listen to the universe’s plan for me.

All my life I had pushed my problems to the side. My low self-esteem and confidence as a result of being bullied and having braces and acne in school. My anger towards my mum and dad over the break up of the marriage. My poor body image and hatred for myself. All of these I masked with obsessions and distractions when instead, all my body needed to do was deal with it and heal. For so long, I blamed others for all of these problems, but it wasn’t until that light bulb moment that I realised this is my life, and I need to take responsibility for it. I cannot dwell on the past anymore, nor let the past dictate my future or potential recovery from this illness. Only I can make a change, and the change begins today. And so, my full-fledged self development journey began with one goal in mind- to be fully recovered from CFS by December 2017.

My days became filled with routine- a morning smoothie followed by gratitudes and affirmations which usually took about an hour or so. Then I would have a shower, get ready for the day and sit out in the sun while I meditated for 20 minutes to half an hour. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I had committed to going to the gym, leaving after my meditation session and listening to my self development podcasts while I walked there. On the other days I indulged in a nice walk or yoga session at home. I would then come home, meditate some more, have lunch and read at least a chapter of my latest self development book, taking notes as I went. Then I would have at least 1 hour writing, followed by a nice epsom salt bath, some reading and a gourmet vegetarian dinner. My day would of course always entail lots of sunshine, given it wasn’t typical overcast Melbourne weather and connecting with nature- a crucial part of rebuilding the life force within me.

Over time I noticed things happening. Most of the time I thought of a negative thought, I would become aware of it and change it into a positive one. When my life had become so different to others, so much slower, there were always little criticisms popping up into my mind, comparing mine to theirs, but now I was able to transform these patterns. On days when I was feeling horrible, instead of criticising myself for resting or staying in bed all day I began just to roll with it, letting my body recuperate and not forcing myself to do anything except be. As somebody who had the belief since childhood that slowing down was a sign of weakness, this was definitely a huge feat!

I also began to stop comparing myself to others, something that I had done for years and had resulted in much self-criticism and depression. I started to accept that this was my journey and my purpose in life and despite it being not an ideal or common one, it was my unique path that in no way could be compared to others. Instead I took the parts from their life that I admired the most and where possible, added them to my repertoire of goals to work towards. I stopped wasting my energy on thinking how useless I was compared to them and instead redirected it to where it mattered- showing my self love and working towards my goals.

The most significant think that happened when I stopped and slowed down was that I became aware of what the underlying problems that caused my disease were and developed plans on how to combat them- stopping negative thinking and being kinder to myself. The negative thinking was often a result of limiting beliefs that had been cemented in my mind over time so to change them I began to listen to positive affirmations every day and every time I had a negative thought I would write it down in a little book with my old negative thoughts in the left column and my new, re-framed positive thoughts in the right one. Over time, those criticisms and negative, limiting beliefs began to change, filling myself up with more love within and exuberating love to others around me.

Naturally, the self love began to fill every part of me. Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing Shrek, once again I started to appreciate the girl looking back at me. I developed the confidence to talk to people again, giving me the ability to work on my existing relationships and build new ones. I began to love my body again, being able to wear a bikini, swim in the pool and wear shorts in public, something I hadn’t had the self-esteem to do in years. Finally, I was feeling like me again. Not the old me though, a new and improved, healed version of me.

I know that I still have things to work on, but for the first time in my life I feel mentally, physically and spiritually aligned. It may have taken a huge shake up to get me here but I am so irrevocably proud of how I turned this difficult situation into something that has made me a much better person. I am so proud of how I used my mind to heal my body, well for the most part.

Now instead of me working so hard to get what I want, working my mind and body into the ground, I simply become aware of it and put it out to the universe. Why? Because I love myself, my mind and my body enough not to put it through the torture that anxiety, overthinking and overexertion do to it.

I may not be healed 100% but I know I am well on the path and for my mind and body’s ability to direct me to that path I am truly grateful.

What I am trying to say is that no matter what is happening in your world, no matter the problem, it can be fixed and you can be healed. It may not be the most obvious path or it may not be the easiest one, but there is a way that you can recover and it all comes down to you.

Take responsibility for yourself, your thoughts and your life and drown yourself in a ridiculous amount of self love- the kind of love that you would give to a child. We are so perfect, so innocent as children yet somehow limiting beliefs plant themselves in our minds and cause us to be diverted from the path of self-love and set on a course where we undervalue our self-worth and value. If we can instead become aware of these issues and take the steps to change our beliefs to more positive, affirming ones then we will in turn become the ideal, happiest version of us we yearn to be and as a result attract great things into our lives. As the happiest, most self-loved version of me, this is happening to me as we speak.

The message is simple- conquer your limiting beliefs, love yourself and the universe will work in mysterious and wonderful ways to give you what you want, as it is for me right now.

All the best on your self love journey.

Remember it starts with you.

teaghanlee xxx

How To Become a Millionaire


To most people the idea of becoming a Millionaire is pretty far-fetched, almost incomprehensible and the only way to achieve such a feat would be through some stroke of luck- winning the lottery, inheriting some great Aunties fortune or inventing some life changing gadget.

But what if I told you that you could become a millionaire, not through luck, but through applying some effective strategies and techniques, combined with hard work and dedication?

Well it is possible and this blog is going to provide you with some of the methods on how to become a millionaire derived from my research on the most successful millionaires in the world in addition to my own personal success on the path to my millionaire fortune.

Firstly, just to make it clear, there are levels involved in becoming a millionaire- the philosophical level and the practical level, both of which combined, if adhered to correctly will have you making bucketloads in no time. There are no shortcuts, no quick routes, no luck, just a good mindset, hardwork and the ambition to succeed.


  1. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LIFE- So many of us fall victims to our lives, placing blame on others for all that has happened, our rough upbringing, our horrible financial situation, our disconnection from family or friends, or focusing on the hardships in our lives, low social class, poor economic state, horrible job, but what we need to understand is that if we are prey to this negativity, we are jeopardising our own success. When we palm off the blame to others, we are sacrificing control of our lives, our happiness and our future. It is your life, so instead of letting others dictate how you feel, why not take responsibility for it? If you are going to be the boss and generate millions of dollars, you need to be the boss of your own life first!
  2. WORK HARD ON YOURSELF- If there is one thing I have learned in my own journey of recovery and growth, it is that self development is crucial to success. We spend so much time and money on educating and developing ourselves through school and university, but few of us take the time to focus on the underlying foundation to all of this- our own mindset. Radical personal development in the form of overcoming negative predispositions and building and expanding on your strengths are vital in building a mindset worthy of success. After all if you work hard enough on yourself, your life will reflect this and you will triumph in all your endeavours leading you to your fortune. A millionaire mindset= a millionaire man/woman
  3. EDUCATE YOURSELF- Yes having a college education is great. But to be the best and make the money you want, it goes beyond that. A true millionaire has a thirst for learning and development, constantly striving to expand their knowledge on whatever the topic may be. When you give up learning, you become stagnant and settled. Through ongoing education, you are able to build an empire of information that will help you not only build your empire, but path the way to a road of riches.
  4. CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS- Through the conditioning of our childhood and upbringing, many of us fall into the trap of trusting in limiting beliefs that hinder our personal growth and quite often, our prosperity. For example, if we have grown up with a negative connotation around money, as a result of growing up in a poor household, then it is likely we will think that we are unworthy of money- a limiting belief. The good thing is that this can be changed. If we trace the belief back to the source of the problem, growing up in poverty, then we can use positive affirmations to retrain our mindset and plant the idea that we are worthy of endless money. Through doing this, we are creating empowering, positive beliefs surrounding money and allowing ourselves to grow to a higher level of wealth.
  5. FIND YOUR PURPOSE- Very rarely will you find a millionaire without passion and purpose behind their success. In fact, most of the richest people in the world have come into their fortune by finding what they are good at, finding how they can make a difference in the world and discovering how they can change the lives of others. Steve Jobbs, Russell Branson and Bill Gates are just some to name a few. If we have a purpose, then the work we put in, the hard yards, to formulate this successful life becomes not work, but a pure act of passion. Sure there is hard work involved, but the idea of doing something that you love or because you want to help others will shine through your work, your business, and reward you in the most luxurious of ways.
  6. THINK DIFFERENTLY- There is a famous saying, ‘do what the majority of people do and get what the majority of people get,’ and it couldn’t be more accurate. In this world of consumerism, where the follow the herd mentality is so prominent it is even more crucial to think outside of the box. If you have an idea, ignore what others believe and think about how you can twist it to make it more unique. When we become a sheep to societies beliefs, little do we know we are limiting what we are capable of and damaging our potential. By remaining ignorant to the general consensus and defying the norm, we are able to create something truly marvellous, truly individual, and wallah, it becomes the key to our dreams of a millionaire fortune. After all, rebels have more fun.


  1. START YOUR OWN BUSINESS- Lets be honest, working the 9-5 grind isn’t really going to get you far in life financially, that is unless you plan on becoming the next CEO. Personally, the stress, work politics and capped income just don’t seem worth it to me if you are doing it all for someone else’s cause. The alternative solution: start your own business. According to statistics, over 85% of millionaires across the world are self made, creating their fortunes from their own business endeavours. Yes sure there is a lot of risk and hard work involved, but if you do it right, working on your mindset first and then utilising all the right principles, then you can succeed at whatever business you create. Find something that the market needs or something that you are good at and strategically plan how to provide exceptional value to your niche market. Exceptional value will result in exceptional profits.
  2. BE AN AUTHORITY- Everybody has their own areas of expertise, a field in which they know so much that people could potentially turn to them for guidance or idolise them for, so why not take advantage of this. As a representative of your business, focus on getting your name out there as much as possible and building your reputation through social media, word-of-mouth, books and various other channels. Through doing this we become a trusted source of information and when people are after a product or service that fits within your business model, as a branded expert naturally they will turn to you and your business first. This, in addition to the various ripple effects that happen as a result of being an authority figure, guest appearances, book writing, television appearances and so on will all result in increasing your net worth and bring you closer to that millionaire status.
  3. HAVE GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS- A crucial element to success is the ability to communicate and build rapport with others around you. When it comes to building a business or being an entrepreneur, you need to be able to build strong relationships and network effectively in order to harvest your business success. The best demonstrated example I have seen of this is through the work of my mum in building her business. She literally strikes up a conversation with everybody, Joe Blow at the coffee shop, Phyllis while buying her tofu in Coles, even the spunky Electrician doing work at a property she is working on, this woman knows how to hustle. The result of this- so much awareness of her company and business she barely has the chance to sit down. Not only is having great communication skills good in generating more business, but it is vital when it comes to liasing with experts who can further help your business expand. Through good communication you develop trusting, mutually beneficial relationships which can develop into the opportunity to learn from each other, gain greater insight or help each other out in areas of strength. This can be particularly useful when your business is just taking off as if you have a good relationship with someone, then you can ask for their help in an area of their expertise in exchange for assisting them in an area of your expertise. Isn’t it beautiful the way the world works so cohesively like that when you put the love out there!
  4. FOCUS ON MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME- The common mistake that people make is putting all of their money and energy into one project and just sticking to it, hoping to make the most money they can. However, the key to success is reinvesting this in various, well researched opportunities that will multiply your money even further. Opportunities that generate passive income are the most effective ones to invest in, such as real estate, affiliate or MLM marketing opportunities or stocks, as you can be tripling your money with limited work. Even as you start to build your business, reinvesting one stream of money from one business into another business or opportunity will give you security in the case of a lull in income production from the other business. As your businesses keep expanding, continue to reinvest into more and more options and you will bear witness as the income streams in. We will discuss how to generate multiple streams of income in another blog in the upcoming weeks.
  5. WORK YOUR BUM OFF- Let’s be honest, the chances of you finding a get-rich-quick scheme that is going to make you a millionaire is pretty slim. To reach the label of millionaire takes hard work, a lot of long, sleepless nights and hardcore hustle, and if you are not willing to put in these hard yards, then don’t expect to get the results. The majority of millionaires out there came into their fortune because they made sacrifices and put all their energy into turning their passion into something valuable and meaningful. Sure, sometimes things will get tough and you may be so tired and exhausted you want to give up, but the difference between the average person and a millionaire is no matter what, they do not. They keep hustling and grinding until they succeed, not just on the business itself, but also on themselves, the most crucial component to all of this.
  6. WORK WITH OTHER WEALTHY, SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE- When you have grown up in a poor social class, sometimes it can be easy for limiting beliefs to get in the way and act as a glass ceiling, stopping you from reaching your goals of financial freedom. Working with somebody who is already wealthy and successful enables you to learn their psychology, customs and lifestyle and consequently overcome the limiting beliefs that were holding you back. Have you ever heard the saying you are the product of the five people you spend most of your time with? Well it is true so if you are gracing yourself with the presence of prosperous and driven people, the chances of you becoming this way is pretty likely. Get out there and surround yourself in a community of people who have achieved their dreams and I guarantee you they will be willing to help you achieve yours.

I truly believe that everyone is capable of becoming a millionaire if they really put their mind to it. I have seen people start with nothing and go from rags to riches. I have worked with people who created their fortune from nothing and despite their millionaire status, have remained so humble and grateful. In this world, you are capable of anything, you just have to be willing to believe it.

There is plenty of money circulating this world, you just have to find your way to access it.

Good luck

-the Soulful Wanderer