5 Simple Steps To Setting Intentions


We all have dreams. Dreams of who we want to be, what we want to do, who we want to love and how much money we want to have. Well intentions are the core components that allow us to achieve these dreams.

An intention is simply the creative force that underlies our dreams, encapsulating everything we want to manifest into several words that we send out to the Universe to make happen.

As I have mentioned previously, setting your intentions daily is crucial to achieving your dreams and goals and overall, accomplishing the success you desire. If you want to make things happen and you want to attract the tools into your life to make them happen, then you need to start with the basic task of setting your intentions.


1.  Find A Place of Solitude

In order to uncover what it is you truly want, first of all you have to find that state of pure awareness, beyond the noise that consumes our every day lives.

Allow yourself some quiet time to sit, away from all the loudness of your surroundings and to just be one with yourself and your own thoughts. If you need to, listen to some quiet meditation music to centre yourself and get you into the zone.

Once you are in this state of amplified awareness, you are then able to begin planting your intentions.

2.  Let Your Intentions Soar

Now that you are in a peaceful, heightened state of awareness it is safe to unleash the intentions you wish to manifest.

You have entered a realm of possibilities where anything is possible, so feel free to let go of your greatest desires. Ensure that you do just that, once you have thought it, feel it and then let it go into the infinite state of the Universe.

Do this with every intention that you have. Think it, feel it, let it go. Take a few minutes on each and incorporate them into your morning ritual if possible, following your morning meditation.

3.  Block Out Negativity

With each intention, try to avoid being overwhelmed by doubts or negative influences that may hinder your ability to bring these desires into your life.

Other people may criticise or question our ability to manifest such great things, however it is your duty to eliminate these from our mind, particularly in a state of relaxation during your intention manifestation.

Only the Universe and your higher self are capable of making these things happen, so leave it to them to work their magic.

4.  Embrace Uncertainty

Disconnect yourself from the result of your intentions if they come to fruition.

By attaching ourselves to something, we show insecurity and weakness, which in turn limits the ability for you to be our true, higher self.

Once you have set and released your intentions, allow them to be free and just continue to go on your life as normal. Through this freedom, we will open ourselves up to the right opportunities in due time.

5.  Let the Universe Work Magic

You’ve manifested your intention and created a foundation for them to happen, now you have to trust in the Universe and the law of attraction to make it happen.

Allow yourself to be distant from them and avoid taking control. These things will happen if and when they are meant to. Obsessing over them will achieve nothing but the opposite result.

Remember, the Universe is a truly magical force and always has your back.

Follow these basic and steps, and there will be no stopping the great things that will manifest in your life.

There will be plenty more to come on the powerful force of the Universe, so stay tuned Soulies!

Happy Manifesting tribe!

– the Soulfule Wanderer xxx



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