How to Use The Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Dreams in 7 Easy Steps


How magical life can be sometimes, particularly when you feel the Universe is aligning and things are falling into place.

For me, this has been a long time coming, particularly after a rough 2016. Three years of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, then a break up and job resignation at the end of last year, things were definitely looking pretty bleak. Just when I had started to lose hope, particularly after working so hard on myself and my recovery, the Universal power began to attract some pretty great things into my life.


The Law of Attraction is a philosophy based on the premises that whatever we put out to the Universe,we will attract in return. The whole concept behind it states that the energy force contained in our thoughts and our selves when projected outwards is powerful enough to magnetise good or bad energy towards it. Whatever energy we CHOOSE to focus on, whether it be the positive or the negative energy will be manifested into our lives in mysterious ways.


After coming across a few great podcasts on the Law of Attraction, it is safe to say I am hooked on the power of what can happen when you put your mind to it. Personally, I have used the law of attraction to manifest a number of different things, including a bike, new business opportunities and even a special someone in my life. It just makes you realise how incredibly powerful it can be!

To get started using the Law of Attraction it is my recommendation that you start small. Lee Curtiz from one of my favourite Youtube channels, You Are Creators started his law of attraction journey by visualising a blue apple every day for 10 minutes. After a few months of practising this technique, he was at the grocery store when magically he found a blue apple. Crazy stuff right!

So let’s break it down for all of you Law of Attraction beginners:

  1. Relax Your Mind and Body- To get started, you need to ensure your mind and body are in a calm and relaxed state to absorb all of the benefits. Take about 5 minutes every day or so to sit down and mediate, enabling yourself to get in your zen-like state. Deep breathes from your belly will also aid in the relaxation process.
  2. Make a Clear Decision About What You Want- Our thoughts create our reality so in order to manifest exactly what we want in life we need to have clear, concise thoughts on what we are after. By sending out specific, enthused thoughts, the Universe is able to pick up on this frequency of energy and work behind the scenes on bringing into your life what you have requested. If you want to, even write down on a scrap of paper exactly what it is you are after and then throw it out once you are finished so that you are not hung up on it.
  3. Figure Out Your Why?– Why is exactly that you want these things to happen? Why are you focused on achieving these goals? There is always an underlying reason behind our ambitions and dreams. Digging deep to find out your ‘why’ and the feeling of achieving it, will enable you to increase your vibration and magnetise the tools you need to reach these goals.
  4. Visualise What You Want- Through the art of visualisation, create the idea that this thing or desire is already yours. What does it feel like to have it? What does it look like? What does it smell like? Use all of your senses to go into as much detail as possible. When we make this request a realistic vision, the Universe will have no choice but to help you work towards making this thing yours.
  5. Jot It Down- On piece of paper or in a journal, write down clearly exactly what it is you would like to manifest into your life. I highly recommend writing it as if you already have and embrace the emotions and feelings for having this thing that you desired so much. Only use affirmative and powerful language, for example I am a successful business owner earning $10,000 per month, as this will enable your mind to manifest positive results.
  6. Practice Gratitude- I highly recommend practicing daily gratitudes, but it is also great yo practice them when working on the Law of Attraction. Through showing appreciation for the things that we have received in our lives, we are returning the favour to the Universe for all of the wonderful things it has done for us. In heightening this gratitude for the Universal power, the Universe is more likely to work harder to manifesting our desires even further.
  7. Let The Universe Work It’s Magic- Don’t be anxious or overthink what you want. Once you have put it out to the Universe, or but it in your ‘Universe’ box, just let the Universe work quietly in the background to manifest your dreams. You don’t have to worry about the ‘how’, the Universe will take care of all of that. All you need to do is just be patient and trust that the Universe is doing all it can to get what you have put out there.

In addition to these 7 steps, I have also found some great resources on the Law of Attraction to incorporate into your daily meditation routines and lives. These are some of my personal faves that I listen to on almost a daily basis and that have helped me attract INCREDIBLE things into my life to help me achieve my dreams.







There are just a few to get you started, but don’t worry there will be plenty more to come!

Just know that no matter where you are in life, you are capable of manifesting your greatest dreams and desires. All you need to do is follow these 7 steps and you will be well on your way to achieving your goals and creating the most amazing life possible.

The Universe has your back, you just have to put in the initial ground work.

Happy Manifesting!

Peace and love

– The Soulful Wanderer x




The Self-Love Journey


Self-love has never come easy for me.

As somebody who was naturally shy and introverted, had a rough upbringing in a tense environment, was victim to the bullying and bitchiness at my all girls school, self confidence and self-esteem were never my strong points. And realising I was gay later in life didn’t help either.

So now, at this ripe old age of 28 and suffering chronic illness, naturally all of these feelings have come to the surface and created a need for me to address them with self-love. And the reading from a psychic recently has emphasised that requirement.

Last week, after months of uncertainty and curiosity over the future direction of my life following the break up and resignation of my job, I decided to consult with a psychic in the hope that would give me some kind of direction with my life.

And after much anticipation, the result was a little more comforting then what I thought it would be.

Firstly, and not by any coincidence I think, I found out that my psychic also suffered from Chronic Fatigue. What are the odds of that? I guess this illness is coming more prominent but cannot help but feel this was a sign from the universe!

Secondly, what she said about my current and not-to-distant future situation really helped me see some clarity. In a nutshell, this is what she said:

  1. The reason why I feel as though I am not making progress with my recovery is because my life is at a stand-still and the only thing that will move me forward is radical self love. I must learn to listen to my body more and praise it for what is doing to help me recovery instead of constantly criticising and putting myself down for the things I can’t do. If I am able to, with the help of Mother Mary and Archangel Isis learn to love myself immensely, then my chances of recovering by December 2017 will be greatly improved. I also need to focus on taking slow steps, not setting too bigger goals and enjoying complete rest days when required without feeling guilty.
  2. My relationship with my ex was not a loveless one. My ex did love me and care about me however realised that she had lost control of her life and of the relationship. The break up was her attempt to regain that control and to deal with the issues that had been holding her back. Apparently, she did have regrets about the ending of the relationship and within the next 18 months or so I will receive clarity around that.
  3. In the next 3 months I just need to focus on taking things easy and doing things that I enjoy and that make me happy. Reading, writing, getting out in nature, training, exploring, socialising, cooking, yoga and meditating. All of the things that make me the more grounded person that I am
  4. Between now and 6-8 months time I will surround myself with a network of positive, uplifting women that will help in the healing process. In the process I will meet or may have already met a person who could potentially be my soulmate, if I chose, or at least a friend and within a few months we will move in together. It is my call if this eventuates into anything more.
  5. Within the next 2 years, I will own and operate my own successful business. I will firstly get involved in digital marketing, combined with my marketing expertise, to generate some income, and then eventually will create a business in my own desired field. She also advised me that a job will come up in the next few months that will be a gift from the universe.
  6. She advised me not to stress about money as in a few months I will be offered some money as a gift and encouraged for me to take it. I will also find a way to conquer my financial woes but I just need to relax for now. There is plenty of money in the world and it will find it’s way back to me.

So I guess, from all of that, the most enlightening part was that I need to focus on loving myself and from there everything else will fall into place. Therefore I have made a vow to myself, from this moment forward I will focus on me, putting 100% into making myself the loving, healthy and healed person I was meant to be.

A lot of it will require retraining my thoughts and I intend to do that through meditation, positive affirmations, gratitude and self development books and podcasts. I vow to only surround myself with positive people that lift me higher and avoid those who attempt to bring me down or bring drama into my life. And I refuse to let any type of negative talk or criticism find it’s way into my mind. There is only space for love, kindness and positivity in this mind of mine.

I will avoid comparing myself to others, putting myself down or punishing myself for mistakes and avoiding dealing with my issues. I will stop feeling rushed, like I have to make up for all the time I lost being sick, and push myself to achieve goals that I am not ready to achieve. I will achieve great things in due time, I just need to be patient and believe in the power of the universe.

I must also learn that I cannot rely on anybody to fill my void, that only I can fill that with love and kindness for myself. I am the most important person in the world and nobody can love me until I learn to love myself and the beautiful person that I am, and I can feel that I am getting there. I do love myself to a degree, but the rough days where the depression emerges, I need to learn to conquer that. Once I overcome this, then when something eventuates into a more beautiful relationship with a girl that I meet, then I will be ready.

So right now my main focus is this: radical self love, beautiful friendships and exploring all of the things that I enjoy and make me who I am. I will immerse myself in nature, writing, training at the gym, yoga, meditation, personal development, reading and building great relationships with incredible people. And then will great things follow- love, happiness and abundance.

I am on the pursuit of happiness.

Don’t mind me while I learn to fly.

teaghanlee xxx